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Vital Materials can produce the whole range of Indium metal-based products including highly purified indium metal, compounds, and alloys in a variety of different in particle sizes and shapes and with other special properties. Indium oxide is an important material for touch screen production, glass and ceramic production. Indium chemicals like indium hydroxide is used in batteries, glasses, ceramics, chemical reagents. Indium sulphate can be used for electroplating. High purity indium can be used to grow III - V compound semiconductors including indium phosphide. It can be used to make low melting alloy, bearing alloy, semiconductor, electric light source and other materials.

90% of the world's indium output comes from the by-products of lead and zinc smelting. The commonly used technologies are oxidized slagging, metal replacement, electrolytic enrichment, acid leaching extraction, extraction and electrolysis, ion exchange, and electrolytic refining.


  • Indium can be used to produce CIGS thin film solar cells.
  • Indium tin oxide (ITO) is used to make transparent conductive layer for TV, computer screen or monitor.
  • The silver indium cadmium alloy can be used as the neutron absorption control rod of an atomic reactor.
  • Indium metal improves the critical current density of Magnesium diboride superconductor.

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In2(SO4)3· xH2O

Indium(III) sulfate - In2(SO4)3

CAS #: 13464-82-9
Application: Electroplating
Usage: Electroplating.

Indium sulfate hydrate - In2(SO4)3· xH2O

CAS #: [none]
Application: Surface treatment
Usage: Surface treatment.

Indium arsenide - InAs

CAS #: 1303-11-3
Application: Electronics and Optoelectronics
Usage: Hall devices, magnetic resistance devices, lasers for optical fiber communication, detectors, etc.
Vital Materials is a producer and end-user supplier of indium and a full range of other minor metal compounds. We can customize the purity, composition and forms for different industrial applications. Please contact us for a price or more information.