Innovation/Research and Development

Vital Materials values partnerships with customers highly and we have become our customers’ key suppliers in rare and minor metals products. Vital Materials has over 15 years of R&D experience, working closely with customers to develop products based on their specific needs and market demand. As a high-tech leading company, Vital Materials has applied our experience, expertise and diligent execution to tailor-make materials, products and solutions to fit the customer’s goals at best cost with the latest technology.
Vital Materials relentlessly pursues continuous improvement of its technology and develops new products to prodive materials solutions. We take great pride in our resources, as shown below:
  • China National Enterprise Technology Center
  • China National Rare Metals Engineering Research Center
  • Post-Doctoral R&D Center 
  • Vital Advanced Materials R&D Center

Our process employs a five-step development-gate (DG) process for a full cycle development:
  1. DG1 Concept explication. Understanding product commercial and technical requirements by engagement with customers. Defining the objective of the project by identifying key requirements.
  2. DG2 Thinking high and wide. Achieving defined objectives by exploring different practical and feasible options without limitations on our imagination to work through the best solution available in all aspects.
  3. DG3 Defining a project. Discover the best route for development of the project target by finalizing the process options.
  4. DG 4 Best execution practices. Allow our best team to execute by applying best practices production process with our world class equipment in the safest and most efficient way, fine-tuning along the way for excellence.
  5. DG5 Delivery and Feedback: Provide the best commercial product to ensure the satisfaction of our customer.

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