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Vital Materials produces Tellurium in various shapes and sizes, from powder to pellets to metal/metalloid ingots and a wide range of purity from 99.5% to 99.999%. Vital Materials is also a producer of chemicals and compounds derived from tellurium such as tellurium dioxide for industrial applications and other specialty products such as cadmium telluride and telluric acid. Vital Materials’ products can be tailor-made to customer specifications.


Tellurium has two forms, crystalline and amorphous. Crystalline tellurium is a silvery-white and brittle metal (or technically a metalloid) with a typical metallic luster. Amorphous tellurium is a black-brown powder prepared by precipitating it from tellurium or tellurous acid solution. Tellurium is very corrosive to copper, iron, and stainless steel in the molten form. Tellurium also has semiconductor properties.


  • Solar cells: Tellurium is used in solar cells when alloyed with Cadmium as Cadmium Telluride which is used in the production of Photo-Voltaic Thin film Solar panels. In the past few years, the consumption volume has increased significantly and is today the biggest global consumer of tellurium.
  • Thermo-electric: Alloyed with bismuth (Bi2Te3) or lead (PbTe) it has applications in the electronic and thermo-electric fields. PbTe is also used in far infrared detectors.
  • Metallurgy: Adding in small amounts tellurium improves the machinability of stainless steels, steels and copper.
  • Rubber: Tellurium compounds are used in the vulcanization of rubber.
  • Tellurium is used in rewritable optical discs (CD-RW, DVD-RW, Blu-ray Discs) and in random access memory chips (PRAM).
  • High purity tellurium can be used to prepare X-ray detectors.
Tellurium is mostly recycled from the CdTe industry and thermoelectric scraps.

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Cuprous telluride - Cu2Te

CAS #: 12019-52-2
Application: Analytical reagents, Solar Cells and Batteries
Usage: Used for spectral analysis and also used for preparing solar cells, infrared modulators, nuclear activity detectors, etc.

Lead(II) telluride - PbTe

CAS #: 1314-91-6
Application: Lasers, Infrared Optics & LED
Usage: It is made by fusing tellurium and lead according to chemical proportion. It has semiconductor properties and is used as a material for infrared detectors and thermoelectric refrigerators.

Mercury telluride - HgTe

CAS #: 12068-90-5
Application: Lasers, Infrared Optics & LED
Usage: It can mainly be used for preparing infrared detectors.

Mercury cadmium telluride - HgCdTe

CAS #: 29870-72-2
Application: Lasers, Infrared Optics & LED
Usage: HgCdTe is a third-generation infrared material. Infrared detectors made of HgCdTe can be used for missile guidance, infrared remote sensing, laser ventilation, obtaining radars, etc.

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Manganese Tellurium - MnTe

CAS #:
Vital Materials produces a full range of the minor metal products. We can customize the purity, composition and forms for different industrial applications. Please contact us for more information.