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The demand for energy is constantly increasing, to keep the pace of the growing industry. Governments and private initiatives are pushing for renewable energy which should cover increasing demand or even start to replace fossil energy sources. Hydro, wind, and solar powerplants are established technologies which are used increasingly.
Converting Sunlight into energy has become a reality and this technology finds not only a place in powerplants but even more on industrial rooftops and private households.

Thin-film solar cell materials, such as CdTe or CIGS, are still less common in solar modules in spite of many advantages compared to crystalline silicon modules. Thin-film solar modules can be flexible, transparent, or integrated on building surfaces, such as steel, zinc, glass or ceramics. Additionally, the technology allows different production methods, like vacuum coating, printing or plating.

Today, photovoltaics is the easiest and most popular way to produce clean energy. Since the installation area are often limited in size, manufacturers and consumer look for the highest possible conversion rate. Because the cell efficiency directly correlates to the raw material used, the high quality, and to high purity, it is requested more often.

Our Products and Service

CIGS is a direct band-gap semiconductor material with a lot of advantages such as good optical absorption, high transform efficiency, low cost and energy consumption, and low raw material consumption, etc.

CdTe is a II-VI chemical with a direct band-gap structure, it is a direct band-gap semiconductor material.  Its spectral response range is similar with solar spectral energy, the optical absorption coefficient is very high, and it uses CdTe to produce solar cells.  The thickness only 1-2 micrometers, which consumes very little of the material, and research of photovoltaic materials have been focused on CdTe based solar cells in recent years.

Amorphous silicon (a-Si) is an essential photovoltaic material we manufacture for thin film solar cells. Multi-junction solar cells comprised of Si/SiSe are often used to increase the photoelectric transformation efficiency. In the manufacturing of amorphous silicon solar cells, high-purity GeH4 and target ZnO are often used.

Vital Thin Film Materials is a leading manufacturer for sputtering targets and evaporation materials for thin film solar manufacturing using CdTe, CIGS, a-Si. We supply high-quality sputtering Targets in AZO, ZnO, ITO, CdTe, CdSe, CdTeZn, CdS, CuGa, CuGaIn, ZnTe and CIGS as well as high-purity Cu, In, Ga, Se, and Te as evaporation material.

Additionally, we offer recycling service for all of our materials as well as Production waste.
Vital Materials provides a full range of the minor metal products. We can customize the purity, composition and forms for different industrial applications. Please contact us for more information.