Product Analysis and Testing

A core value of Vital Materials is to provide the world with high quality rare and minor metal products employing mature technology, advanced testing methods, and continuous improvement attitude. We use deep business experience and professional process design to ensure that the quality of our products meet customer requirements. To this end, Vital Materials’ R&D Group established a modern analysis and testing center with complete functionality, advanced equipment, and continuous improvement of technology.

The primary task of the analysis center is to monitor the quality of raw materials and products of the group, and to develop reliable product testing and evaluation methods. The center is composed of more than 70 professional analysts with rich experience in material analysis and chemical analysis, and has more than a hundred pieces of advanced large-scale analytical equipment. It can be used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of high purity materials, ultra-high purity materials, organic compounds, crystals, powders, and targets. The Analysis Center strictly monitors important material properties, from powder to material, from organic to inorganic, from trace to constant, from solid to high purity gas. This ensures that we can deliver a final product that meets the exact specifications of our customers.

Analytical Instruments in 4 areas.
Powder Product Analysis Instruments
GDMS Trace-Level Elemental Quantification from Matrix Levels down to Ultra-Trace Levels (sub-ppb)
ICP-MS Detection of Trace Metals for High Purity Products
ICP-OES Detection of Trace Metals
Differential Scanning Calorimeter Physical Property Test
Dry Granulometer Particle Size Analysis (Dry)
Laser Particle Sizer Particle Size Analysis (Wet)
SEM Surface Morphology Survey
IC Ion Chromatograph
X-Ray Diffractometer Phase, Crystallinity, Orientation, Grain Size Test
UV-VIS Quantitative Determination of Different Analytes
BET Specific Surface Area Test
CPS Nanoparticle size analysis
TGA-DSC Thermal analysis for powder
Differential Scanning Calorimeter Physical Property Test

Analysis Instruments for Crystalline Materials and Targets
C Scan Ultrasound testing for the bonding rate of sputtering target
XRF Testing the composition of the target
Hardness Tester Test the hardness of the Target
X-Ray Crystal Orientation Instrument Testing Single Crystal Wafer Surface and Reference Plane
Laser Interferometer Flatness and Curvature Tests
Bridge Type CMM Measuring the Coordinates of each Point of Workpieces
3D Optical Surface Profilers Thin Films and Surface Tests
Resistivity Tester Measuring Single Crystal Ingot Resistivity of the Cross-Sectional Area
Roughness Meter Measuring Material Surface Roughness
EPD Optic Microscope EPD Measurement
Metalloscope Surface Grain Composition of the Alloys and Metals

Organic Compounds Analysis Instruments
FT-IR Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Organic Compounds
PFT-NMR Qualitative and Quanitative Analysis of Organic Compounds
HPLC Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Organic Compounds
GC Testing the Purity of a Particular Substance, or Separating the Different Components of a Mixture, Identifying a Compound

High Purity and Ultra-high Purity Gas Analysis Instruments
GC-MS For Ultra-high Purity Gas Impurity Analysis, the Detection Limit up to 5ppbv
GC Testing Gases Such as Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Methane, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide in High-purity and Ultra High-purity Gases
EW-CRDS Test the H2O Content in Gases, Detection Limit up to 1ppb

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