Zinc Selenide

Zinc Selenide (ZnSe)

Vital Materials is supplying the highest quality Zinc Selenide  lens blanks and finished optics to satisfied customers domestically and internationally. Zinc selenide products are widely used in laser systems and IR thermal imaging systems.

Zinc Selenide is also found in many opto-electronic applications. Its wide band gap makes it appropriate for use in detectors as well as emitters.

The ZnSe lenses have an index of refraction, homogeneity and uniformity offers excellent optical performance for use as protective windows or optical elements in high-resolution Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) thermal imaging equipment.

The Infrared Business Unit of Vital Materials has numerous chemical vapor deposition furnaces (CVD furnaces) to produce zinc selenide crystal materials.

Zinc Selenide Optics

Vital Materials continues to expand its product offerings to meet the requests from CO2 laser manufacturers, laser product distributors, and end-consumers for high- quality infrared optics at an affordable price.

With optical design engineering, optics fabrication and thin-film coating capabilities, Vital is able to offer optics from initial design stage to finished optical elements.

This material can also be used for high power laser systems, marking/scanning laser systems, thermal imaging, as well as thermometry and spectroscopy applications in the medical laser field.

We also offer diameter and thickness-toleranced lens blanks, shaped/generated blanks, polished optics, and a number of different coatings for Zinc Selenide optical elements.
Optical Properties
Max Transmittance 1 μm 69.2%
Max Transmittance 10 μm 70.9%
Physical Properties
Density, (20°C)  5.27 g/cm3
Hardness, (20°C) 105 kg/mm2
Young's Modulus, (20°C)
Young's Modulus, (260°C)
10.2 Mpsi
8.9 Mpsi
Wavelength, μm Refractive Index
10 2.40707